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Genre: Medicine/huru: Bhethu (Petrus?) Wonggane recorded with the AT2020 mic midday 22 June 2015 by SD on the 'woga' by Mumbo's hut (a place with few people around) near Mata Mere. I recorded four tales and a 'huru'. This huru, 'huru de'u' (huru rat) does not use betel as medium, and it is supernatural because it invites rats to the house of the thief (who has stolen fruits from a tree in the plantation where he has hanged and activated the sign of 'huru dhe'u'; five small braided lontar containers, 'dhuba' (BI. ketupat). The sign is hung and activated with machete threats and 'bhulu wa'o' adat prayer. The rats are connected with the ancestors and they will eat and tear apart the victim's clothing in the night, even if it is locked up in a drawer or coffin. For this terror to stop, the thief must come to Bhetu with the destroyed clothing and confess. Bhethu then repeats the original ritual, the hanging, but puts pieces of clothing inside the 'dhuba'. Then in the late late afternoon Bhethu will lower ('loe') the sign to the ground, after he has thrown five paddy seeds to the west. With Pidhu (Ebbe).
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