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Genre: Medicine/huru. Rosa Mboi, a person from kampong Hona speaking with a Hona dialect – the most beautiful dialect, similar to Ko'a-Cawalo, was recorded by Pidhu Sophune at her house, kampung Uwa, 3 Juni 2016, using the AT2020 mic. Pidhu recorded ten tales and three 'huru' (symptom-disease and their cures) that Mama Rosa has inherited from her grandparents. 'Huru delo' (huru egg) is first a curse-sign-prohibition hung in the plantation, an egg is placed in a 'dubha' BI. ketupat), plaited bamboo used to cook rice. When someone then steals from the crop they come down with 'huru delo'. Symptoms are: stinking diarrhea, stunk from ears, nose (snot) and mouth, the gum becomes swollen. Her cure uses areca nut and piper betel (betel vine), masticated with lime, adding egg shell and weed ('hobo'. BI. alang-alang), applied to and around affected body parts. She also utters a traditional prayer to dispel the curse, command it to go away, west where the 'kalalindi' and 'ba'i ria' vines grow. The patient quickly recovers. Rosa inherited this huru and 'huru pothi' (bottle) from her father, and huru welu (candle nut) from her mother.
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