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Genre: Medicine/huru. Roja Landine, kampong Wolo habi, desa Maluriwu, recorded by Ebbe (Pidhu S.) 8 Nov -15 in the late morning, using the AT Lavalier mic (which easily gets too loud, noise. Keep the volume low. In addition music was playing from outside a nearby house, heard all throuth the recordings. people were warming up for a smaller celebration). In this item she does not describe a particular 'huru', used to protect crops from trees (manggo, kelor (BI), betel) and yams in the plantation from thieves. To make the sign-curse for yams, leaves are tied directly with banana leaf, or using thread, and hung. Then this curse is "charged" by uttering a few simple sentences, "these are my vegetables, the fruit of my work, chase after them with your 'medicine'". Roja cures by chewing white peas, ginger and betel (sirih pinang) and applying the mixture (ngiru) on the afflicted body parts of the transgressor, counting five times and uttering a traditional prayer (bulu wa'o) to get rid off the curse. (This indicates that she is talking about a specific 'huru'.) It is not clear where the curse ands and the cure begins in this narrative. With her husband Landi and a grandson, also Landi. Portrait in SD1-232.
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