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Genre: Medicine/huru. Bapak Pui described no less than eleven (because two in this file) huru, of his arsenal, on the same occasion. Perhaps that is why most of the narratives are short, apart from him being focused and knowledgable. This item contains 'huru rabhi' (huru forest rattan) and 'huru nggula' (huru 'name of plant'). These are alsocurses-prohibitions that are hung on trees to protect the crops from theft. Primarily on coconut trees, if not manggo. 'huru rabhi': Curse: hang 'rabhi', rolled, on tree. Symptoms: arms and legs tight and hard, unable to fold. Cure: Chew carved pieces of 'rabhi' stem with areca nut, piper betel and lime, apply the mixture to the arms or legs. 'huru nggula': Curse: hang 'nggula' on tree. Symptoms: lower intestine protrudes out of the anus. Cure: arec and betel with 'hule mila (wunune), nggula, buki sowo' (small insect that lives in the soil). The mixture is not chewed; all ingredients are grinded and then carefully put on the protruding lower intestine, and it will rise back up. Recorded in the afternoon 20 June -15, with the AT2020 mic, sitting in the main, front room, my "studio". Present were his daughter and son, and wife, outside on the bamboo plattform. Other listeners, neighbour kids, passed by as usual, peeking in by the window or doors. Present at the recording were: his daughter and son, a nephew, and wife, outside on the bamboo plattform. Other listeners, neighbourhood kids, passed by as usually, peeking in by the window or doors.
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