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Genre: Medicine/huru. I and Pidhu went to Bako to record, and then all the way down to kampong Dure (Mbako), at the house furthest down, overlooking the steep descent toward the plantations and the sea. Paulus recorded by SD with the AT2020 mic and present were also Pidhu (Ebbe) and relatives Steffen, Nico (younger, not recorded, the other two are recorded) and Siu Dongge. We had a good time and they were very open and liked to speak and teach, although it was my first visit. Pidhu knew them though and his family have relations extending to Dure/Mbabo. I brought the usual sirih pinang; a bottle of arak and tobacco. There were many women and children that we had to ask to leave because they would have disturbed the recordings. Frankly, "Keep quiet and you get to taste the arak" (it worked out ok). Here Paulus tells his 'huru haphi' (huru fire, or, huru kesambi? or both, an allusion, even burned 'habhi' is used, ashes, must mean from 'habhi'). We have recorded several huru habhi and huru haphi (compare). The cure, to both symptom and the curse that possibly causes the symptoms, is with chewed areca nut and piper betel and lime. Materials: burned 'habhi', tobacco and ginger. Chew and put in a small coconut shell. Apply on forehead. When the symtoms are relieved he takes paddy grains, puts them on the ill spot and puts the mixture on it again, five times (after another). Photo.
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