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Genre: Medicine/huru. Mama Nggei, a grandmother who lives in kampong Mata Mere, was recorded by Pidhu Sophune 3 Jan -13 in the morning with the AT Lavelier mic. In this recording Nggei speaks about her 'huru lekhe'. "Man woman stones are tied together in a wowen cloth. The cloth is put inside a closed half coconut shell ('wui matha'). The eight stones are then rolled around inside. The coconut shell is hung in a fruit tree. If someone is afflicted from it, he/she will be (Symptoms) swollen around the body, ears, head, arm pit, jaw. Someone will 'baga' to see whose huru it is. If it is Nggei's, she will come and chew areca betel lime with 'seku' and scraped tissue from the coconut shell, and then put the mixture on the swollen body parts. People pay a little. In 'peju' Nggei throws paddy grains and utters a ''bhulu wa'o' prayer. With a few neighbours sitting by listening, one lady laughing. Notes: seku, nio/lekhe (ere koe), siwe (second chew with areca and betel). (huru lekhe. Nggei). Curse. Swollen limbs. cega/peju. “ngiru bulu” no’o siwe pu homa lima (likely in all).
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