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Genre: Medicine/huru. Maria Methi Du'ane (the elder) narrates her two 'huru'; 'bote hate' and 'dombe'. Recorded by SD with Pidu late morning 20 Sept -15, using the AT2020 mic. We had already recorded her the previous day in M M Lelu's house, but the recording was not there anymore. Anyhow we got better recordings, more info, in two files. The second tells of how to make the "house" for the 'huru dombe' curse-prohibition.The first recording tells mostlyt about 'huru bote hate':, which is severe stomach ache, spreading from the livcer to the chest. She uses a machete, touching the lower parts from east and down five times. Then ashes ('awu') and adat comb (hubi), touching the same way.. Then 'si'i' (grass) and 'seku' (kencur root), then 'wetho wa'i', five times each the same way. After this ritual, she chews the material with sirih pinang and lime (always lime, if not mentioned with sirih pinang). Later she also mentions tobacco as ingredient, applied after the other herbs. Different fromJustina Nona's (Poro) 'ngiru huru dombe', Methi's 'huru dombe' uses 'dombe' root, kencur (similar to ginger), tobacco, 'moro' and 'wetho wa'i'. More materials than in Justina Nona's (Poro) 'ngiru huru dombe'. Symptoms: cannot walk, spasms, reumatic problems. The chewed mixture is put on the place where the problem is. Notes: ci’i, wetho wa’i, seku, mbako (second application, after the other). (huru bote hate. MMD). Stomach pain, extending from liver (nggolo nggoe) to the chest, severe. Le no’o dopho (threatening in curing!), ashes, machete again (5, 5, 5), comb (hubi). Curse. Cure uses the materials from the curse. dhombe, wetho wa’i, pue (takine) + mbako, moro. (huru dhombe. MMD). Reumatic type disorders. Cure from feet up.
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