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Contributors:Maria Magdalena Lelu (speaker)
Danerek, H. Stefan (recorder)
Danerek, H. Stefan (researcher)
Danerek, H. Stefan (depositor)
Ratu, Hilarius (consultant)
Date Issued:15 Sep 2015
Description:Genre: Medicine/huru. Maria Magdalena Lelu, kampong Bako, tells about her huru, 'matha' (dead) and 'mbesi' (iron). She says that she learned from her grandmother Sopu who often cured people, and hung the signs that make people ill. 'Huru matha' is hung at manggo trees and it is done with 'loi' (a large plant, tuber, pulai in Indonesian) and the bamboo 'bethu'/"bark". If people steal too much, they burn the 'huru' sign, 'muku huru', and then the transgressor becomes instantly ill. The cure is made with chewed areca nut and piper betel (betel) and lime, chewed with bamboo bark and goat hair from the 'maba' drum or hair from a dead goat (it fails if you take hair from a live one) kept/put with the lime (for sirih pinang). Lower the sign to the ground by the tree (so that the wind does not move the bamboo skin, because that hurts). Grab coins and padi, five in each hand. Put the chewed mixture on the forehead and utter a 'bhulu wa'o' prayer (she says "posa potho pora"). This is repeate five times, five days, because the condition is severe. Lelu does not keep the payment ('peju') because then she can become ill too. It is thrown to the west with the setting sun. 'Huru mbesi' is like herniated disc, severe lower back pain, and neither doctor nor shaman (dukun) can cure it. Materials: sirih pinang (five, each), lime, 'buki sowa' (small insect in the soil), stem of 'keja' (plant), 'seku' (kencur), and harsh cut tobacco, ('moro' is mentioned in the following complimentary recording), five padi grains, and bring a special stone from her grandmother Sopu. The mixture is also laid and rubbed five times, five days, with the same type of 'bhulu wa'o' prayer. Recorded by SD with Pidu (Ebbe) in her home with the AT2020 mic as the day, 19 Sept -15, approached midday. Lelu tells more about the two 'huru' in another recording. Portrait. / Notes: bethu (pabune), withi (lokene hani mabane/mathane lae subhane). (huru matha. MML). Cure 5 wua muthu + oa mbesi, siwe weja lima lae lima te, ngiru lae wane. Curse with loi, bethu (pabune), which is burnt if fruits have been stolen. Bulu wau, ngiru siko, peju, oa pejune teba kao ba soma palu hangi. bhuki sowo (insect in soil), keja (bu’une), mbako (kathene), seku, siwe (weja lima, wua muthune keli weta lima, watu pune). (huru mbesi. MML). Curse. Cure repeated five times, probably ngiru siko, peju (unmentioned, for granted. Bulu wao. Symptom: lower back/hip pain/herniated disc
Appears in Collections: Stefan Danerek Collection - Palu'e Audio

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