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Genre: Medicine/huru. Luthe Wonggane recorded in her home in the evening 18 June -15 in kampong Nara. It is also my (SD, Cawa Lunds) home. The recording was done directly with the H4N because I knew had to ask questions and that the several persons present would want to add something to the other's narrations.Finally I got to record the local 'pisa'/"healers"; with all the nearby practitioners; Paulus Pidu, Veronika Punga, Meli Pisane, Sami Vendelinus. Lebi (sister) and Wongga (husband) listening. Luthe told two 'huru' that both use areca nut and piper betel as base for the masticated cure. 'Huru hola' uses lontar leaf and paddy grains. The grains are put on the navel, and then chewed areca nut and piper betel is put there too (are the paddy grains chewed as well?) Five times, kind of spitting. Luthe also makes a long string of lontar leaf that is rolled (the hola', snake), and then puts it on the navel and pulls it so that it opens (unrolls), five times. Symptom: type of stomach pain. Luthe does not "create" this symptoms through a prohibition-curse hung in the plantationfruit trees. No prayer is used, she just asks that the illness disappears and does not disturb the victim anymore.
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