Chamorro Cultural and Research Center

Cushing, Barbara
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My architectural doctorate thesis, titled ‘Chamorro Cultural and Research Center’, is the final educational work that displays the wealth of knowledge that I have obtained throughout the last nine years of my life. In this single document, it represents who I have become and identifies the path that I will be traveling in the years to follow. One thing was for certain when beginning this process, in that Guam and my Chamorro heritage were to be important components of the thesis. The thesis is the initial step in fulfilling my personal interest in my heritage. Although I am of Chamorro descent, I am not fully aware of where I came from and who my ancestors were. Once I learn more about Guam and her history, I will begin to discover who I am. It is about understanding your origins and respecting your culture. The best way in capturing this is through the design of a cultural and research center, making it available for the world to celebrate and continue to uncover the history of the Chamorros.
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