Philippine Urban Squatter Resettlement: Design for a Health Clinic

Garcia, Ella
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This doctor of architecture project proposes an approach to locate decentralized community health clinics, and proposes a design for a prototypical clinic to replace the existing Southville health clinic. This clinic is located in the Southville Relocation Project, where the government relocated railway urban squatters from Manila to Cabuyao. Through interviews, case studies, and literature research, this health clinic proposes innovative use of local materials. This project researches the culture and healthcare needs of this low-income population to determine the spaces needed in the health clinic. It examines the problems of the physical environment and infrastructure of the relocation project, the necessity of healthcare, and analyzes the Southville area for the proper sites for the decentralized health clinics. A site is chosen within the area, and this site is further analysed for sustainable design potentials. The health clinic addresses the residents’ immediate healthcare needs by providing better facilities to diagnose, treat, and prevent health problems caused by their resettlement. Traditional medicine practices are explored and incorporated into the spaces needed for the facilities. The prevention of health problems in the community will allow the residents to focus on re¬building their lives in Cabuyao. This health clinic will be properly located and designed according to the site and the needs of the people. It is expected to be a better facility than the current health clinic located in the Southville Relocation Project.
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