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Global Professional + Academic Collaborative: The necessity for global collaboration between the design profession and academia to create innovative solutions

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Title: Global Professional + Academic Collaborative: The necessity for global collaboration between the design profession and academia to create innovative solutions
Authors: Poe, Austin James
Advisor: Llewellyn, Clark
Issue Date: Dec 2011
Abstract: The rationale for the development of the American higher-education system is similar to that of the United States Highway system: there is a common desire to get to one’s desired destination. The challenge and contradiction of these systems is that with a greater accessibility and quantity, quality and results have been driven down due to replicating resolutions without looking for long-term solutions. It is not desirable to sit in stand-still traffic on our highways. In America, it has been accepted for far too long that adding extra lanes of highway would curb the traffic congestion problem. We must realize that adding extra avenues along the same path is not going to resolve the problem that a growing population presents. Similarly, it is not one’s desire to obtain a piece of paper that does not open doors that higher-education previously opened. The finality of a college degree is fading and continuing education is necessary to stay ahead. Deferred maintenance can no longer be the accepted practice in a world that is exponentially changing and straining. It is mandatory and urgent to radically change the education model to benefit the destination of society’s future. We must create a professional and academic structure to effectively synergize people, time and money. Mentorship, research and innovation are the key to altering the destination of education. If we do not cross-pollinate these resources now, we will be stuck at a standstill, watching everyone else pass us by. “Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technology; it happens when society adopts new behaviors.” -Here Comes Everybody Due to many issues revolving around globalization, education must revolutionize its process to meet the demands of society. The educational sector can no longer continue adding seats in the classroom (or online) without redefining what is taught, how it is taught, who is involved and why the results of learning need to gain a more productive purpose. We must understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for academics and professionals responsible for molding the built environment. A framework must be established that scaffolds from the bottom-up providing better decision-making in the built environment and utilizes the best possible evidence to provide an innovative edge on growing competition. If professional and academic collaboration is not a desire now, It will be a demand later.
Pages/Duration: 115 pages
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