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Economic Analysis of Maunalua Bay

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Title: Economic Analysis of Maunalua Bay
Authors: Andreyka, Natalie
Arnott, Chelsea
Tanigawa, Sara
Yazzie, Aissa
Instructor: Oleson, Kirsten
Crow, Susan
Keywords: Economics
Maunalua Bay
Issue Date: 08 May 2017
Abstract: The economic value generated by Maunalua Bay is not well understood, but greatly needed. This basic monetary value is essential in understanding how the bay supports the livelihoods of business owners and their employees in the community and across the island. To better assess this figure, we developed a survey specifically for recreational, commercial businesses who operate within Maunalua Bay. However, the majority of businesses declined to participate due to the survey approach, survey format, and/or existing tension with associated community conservation groups. The initial project goal to understand the economic value of Maunalua Bay to recreational, commercial operating

businesses was not achieved due to an extremely low response rate. The data collected from completed surveys are not included in the report, as it is not a complete representation of the community we hoped to engage. Instead, we intend to better understand and improve how students connect with commercial operators in Maunalua Bay and inform future valuation efforts by offering these recommendations:
1. Understand the historic and current relationship between businesses and conservation community groups
2. Develop that relationship through one-on-one engagement and “talk story” sessions
3. Create a mutually beneficial economic assessment of Maunalua Bay
4. Use the assessment to better plan management strategies that utilize business relationships
Description: This project was the product of NREM 601/605 class to give students the opportunity to apply research techniques and skills to evaluating real-life situations. Each group was assigned a different natural resource topic. Our group performed the economic analysis of Maunalua Bay. The information gathered in this study was presented at a community meeting to stakeholders of Maunalua Bay on May 8, 2017.
Pages/Duration: 28
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