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Bulletin (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station)


The publications in this collection represent the historical publishing record of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) and do not necessarily reflect current scientific knowledge or recommendations. Current information available from CTAHR may be found at

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  • McGeorge, William (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1914-08-24)
    The object of the work here presented was to give some understanding of the absorptive power of Hawaiian soils for fertilizer salts.
  • Pope, W.T. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1923-07-09)
    Varieties of lime grown in Hawaii were described, along with methods of propagation, planting and crop maintenance practices, insect pests, plant diseases, fruit composition and uses, and recipes. The author judged limes, ...
  • Higgins, J.E.; Hunn, Chester J.; Holt, Valentine S. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1911)
    This publication is a comprehensive review of all aspects of avocado crop production.
  • Higgins, J.E. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1904)
    This publication is a comprehensive review of all aspects of banana crop production.
  • Kelley, W.P. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1915-08-03)
  • Thompson, Alice R. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1917-05-07)
    Numerous varieties of legumes, both native and introduced, are found in Hawaii. The experiments herein reported upon were inaugurated in order to determine the comparative value for soil improvement of the different species ...
  • Pope, W.T. (University of Hawaii, 1934-05)
    Citrus fruits had been under investigation at the Experiment Station since 1904, and 40 different species and varieties were represented in the experimental orchard. This bulletin contains descriptions of these materials ...
  • Higgins, J.E. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1905)
    "Citrus fruits were introduced into Hawaii more than a century ago... Oranges, lemons, limes, and pomelos have all found a congenial home in Hawaii. Indeed, the orange is sometimes thought of by the casual observer as being ...
  • Wenkam, Nao S.; Miller, Carey D. (University of Hawaii, 1965-12)
    Analysis of nutrient content of fruits was presented, with emphasis on ascorbic acid content. Data on content per 100 g edible portion, the percentage of edible portion, and changes in ascorbic acid levels over fruit ...
  • Conter, Frank E. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1903)
  • Hine, R.B.; Holtzmann, O.V.; Raabe, R.D. (University of Hawaii, 1965-07)
    The bulletin discusses the various diseases afflicting papaya in Hawaii.
  • Pope, W.T. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1935-09)
    This bulletin provides comprehensive information on passion fruit, so that the plant, previously grown mostly in home gardens, might be adopted for commercial cultivation. Six species/types are described.
  • Wilcox, E.V. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1912-09-10)
    The root system of pineapples growing on highly manganiferous soils was observed to be less extensive than on normal soils. A study was made of the pineapple fruit and leaves for the purpose of learning the structural ...
  • Beaumont, J.H.; Fukunaga, E.T. (University of Hawaii, 1958-06)
    Coffee in Kona is grown without shade at around 1,500 ft elevation. Nitrogen fertilizer increases yields but promotes alternate-year bearing. The authors developed a system based on plant spacing and annual pruning to ...
  • Miller, Carey D.; Louis, Lucille; Yanazawa, Kisako (University of Hawaii, 1946)
    The study this bulletin was based upon examined the foods and dietary habits of Filipinos in the low-income category in Hawaii. Many of the plants described were relatively unusual home-garden species brought by immigrants ...
  • Miller, Carey D.; Bazore, Katherine (University of Hawaii, 1945-10)
    This bulletin revised and expanded upon Bulletin 77, Some Fruits of Hawaii (1936). It covered 28 of the common (and some less common) fruits grown and consumed in Hawaii. Mineral and vitamin contents were given. Procedures ...
  • Kelley, W.P. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1912-04-08)
  • McClelland, C.K. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1915-02-20)
  • Whitney, L.D.; Hosaka, E.Y.; Ripperton, J.C. (University of Hawaii, 1939-05)
    The bulletin describes and illustrates 103 of the most important grasses in Hawaii. Very few of the native species are common on the range, the introduced species being of far greater importance both in point of number and ...
  • Hamilton, R.A.; Fukunaga, E.T. (University of Hawaii, 1959-01)
    An intensive varietal selection program was begun at the Experiment Station in 1936, when only 5 acres of (seedling) macadamias had been planted in Hawaii. By 1959 over 2000 acres had been planted, mostly of selected clonal ...

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