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Contributors:"Baga" (speaker)
Danerek, H. Stefan (recorder)
Danerek, H. Stefan (researcher)
Danerek, H. Stefan (depositor)
Date Issued:03 Oct 2015
Description:Genre: Oral history. Theme: Construction sacrifice. This item is an appendix to the article 'Construction sacrifice in eastern Indonesia', Danerek, Stefan. 2016. Indonesia and the Malay World (45) 131: 88-107. online version (print 2017. The recording with "Baga" (b. 1940) was done after a conversation and interview done outside on a bamboo bench in front of his family's kitchen, a few family members/neighbours around, two middle-aged sons, and his wife cooking inside. It was the first time ever I had visited his house. I had never talked to him before, but his son knew me and they had all seen me before. I came along with a half bottle of arak, 3 Oct -15 in the late morning, introduced myself properly and began a conversation. Then I said I wanted to talk about “Pater M”, and then “Ngange”, and mentioned that others had already told about them. Baga was surprisingly open and frank, but did not want everything to be recorded. I sensed some initial suspicion from one neighbour/relative, but the situation quickly opened up. I was careful. When we recorded this file we were still outside but moved away from the others, approximately five meters, so that it would be quieter for the recording, and, I suppose, so that the others would not hear what we recorded, although we had discussed the same subject during our prior conversation. Baga told his wife before we recorded – as he says in the first transcribed line. Baga tells about when the first step was taken to build the church in kampong Lei. Quote from article: ‘Baga told of a hitherto undisclosed seventh sacrifice which preceded the other six in the same church. One day in late 1955, acc. to Baga, M ordered him to dig a hole in the ground. M put in a small coffin containing the head and heart of a child. Then Baga put stones over it and M poured water, uttered a prayer and covered the stones with soil. The place for the construction had just been decided on. Present at the parish were also two ‘brudders’ (brothers) who assisted in measuring the site the following day.’ I only took notes immediately after our talk, at “home”, because I did not want to be intrusive. The recording was done with an AT Lavelier microphone, successfully (some later recordings by my assistant/helper with this mic were quite noisy: noise-sensitive mic).
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