Cloud and Internet of Things: Challenges and Opportunities Minitrack

The Cloud and the burgeoning Internet of Things as supported in The Internet raises broad security issues given the last several years of attacks on both public as well as private sector computers and related hardware. 0 day attacks such at Stuxnet have shown us that operational hardware in the critical infrastructure that supports day-to-day life on this planet can be disrupted and in fact destroyed. The list of attacks is endless, and the dollar loss is in the multiple millions if not billions of dollars.

This Minitrack will seek both short and long term solutions to these security issues, and boldly asks the question: Is the current Internet topology, and its aging protocols reliable enough or even suitable to securely support the potential billions of interconnected devices in the above context? We anticipate submissions not limited to, but in the scope of the following topics:

  • Trustworthy IoT and Cloud infrastructure
  • IoT embedded trust and security
  • IoT architectures
  • End-to-End security for IoT
  • Quality Assurance Techniques for Secure IoT
  • Mobile and Peer-to-Peer clouds
  • Security of Public versus Private Cloud and IoT services
  • Preventing Intellectual Property and Personal Information theft
  • Monitoring, auditing Cloud and IoT Services
  • Identity management in the Cloud and IoT
  • Data privacy and availability in the Cloud and IoT
  • Customer migration from one Cloud provider to another
  • Data in the Cloud and territories (Safe-Harbor)
  • Secure Cloud and IoT interoperability and Service Level Agreements
  • Rights and Policy Management in Cloud Computing and IoT Services
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance in Cloud Computing and IoT Services
  • Security in the Social Cloud of Things
  • Data Breaches and Data Loss
  • Ethical, social and legal issues in Cloud Computing and IoT
  • Ethical dilemmas in autonomous IoT systems
  • Data protection, IoT and quantified self
  • Virtual partitions of the Internet to separate critical resources from public access

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

William Yeager (Primary Contact)
Stanford University Retired

Jean-Henry Morin
University of Geneva, Switzerland

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