Practice-based IS Research Minitrack

This minitrack seeks to encourage practice-based research on new and emerging IS issues in organizations. Practice-based research aspires to bridge the gap between academic theory and practice; it aspires both to introduce researchers to state of the art practices and issues from industry as well as introduce managers to research that makes sense of and brings coherence to the issues they face.

The methods used in practice-based research are often exploratory, field-based studies involving interviews, observations, and/or descriptive surveys. The intense pressure to achieve methodological distinction and theoretical contribution often results in very current practice-based topics being eschewed by researchers, because the topics themselves are not mature enough in practice to achieve desirable samples or sample sizes, nor are they conducive to theorizing since so little is known. These are precisely the reasons that exploratory, practice-based research can play a tremendous role in helping establish and lay the foundations of a research domain while providing insights into an emerging topic.

This minitrack solicits high-quality, practice-based research. Accepted articles will be considered for fast-tracking into MIS Quarterly Executive, a journal whose mission is to provide an outlet for high quality practice-based IS research.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Dorothy Leidner (Primary Contact)
Baylor University

Bill Kettinger
University of Memphis

Ester Gonzalez
California State University, Fullerton

Michael Milovich
Rowan University

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