Managing Platforms and Ecosystems Minitrack

This minitrack calls for perspectives from information systems, strategy, marketing, operations, computer science, social sciences, and policy to continue the scholarly exploration of concepts, theories, and tools for managing platforms and ecosystems. Management incorporates many critical activities: designing, planning, implementing, decision making, and evaluating. Some but not all of these may be effective in managing platforms and ecosystems.

Ecosystems are complex socio-, economic-, and technical systems that can be characterized by human networks that generate productive output on a sustainable basis, and as business ecosystems consisting of interdependent firms that form symbiotic relationships to create and deliver products and services. Platforms, conceptual or technological constructs to structure the relationships, provide a context for connections and value creation in an ecosystem. In practice digital platforms amplify the volume of opportunity in scaling toward success, allowing for multi-sided markets to emerge. Conceptually, the mindsets, organizational constructs and the technological systems of multi-sided markets, platforms and ecosystems require a reframed perspective on strategic management that goes beyond extant literature on strategic and industrial innovation.

“You cannot do it alone” and “you do not have to do it alone” describe realities of the global interconnected economy. Contemporary organizations are struggling with managing the associated complexities. While principles and tactics for managing platforms and ecosystems are emerging, more cross-disciplinary thought leadership and experience sharing are needed.

Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  • Theories, models, and empirical studies of platforms and ecosystems
  • Genesis, dynamics, and evolution of platforms and ecosystems
  • Value-creation and enablement in ecosystems
  • Platform and ecosystem business models
  • Industry, technology, and investment platforms
  • Technological and competitive disruption in ecosystems
  • Analytics, visualization, and decision support for platform and ecosystems
  • Best practices in platform and ecosystem management
  • Orchestration strategies of platforms and ecosystem

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Kaisa Still (Primary Contact)
VTT, Finland

Martha Russell
Stanford University

Rahul Basole
Georgia Institute of Technology

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