Integrating Business Operations, Information Technologies, and Consumer Behavior Minitrack

This minitrack will solicit high quality research that uses analytical, empirical, and experimental modeling approaches to explore the increasing complex roles that advanced information technologies such as Web 2.0, mobile, and cloud computing play in business operations and strategies, and consumer decisions and activities. In particular, we seek novel studies that systematically explore the complex interplays between information technology and consumer behavior, customer relationship management, organizational architectures, product development, sales and services, and supply chain management. We are also soliciting comprehensive reviews of relevant research, rigorous case studies, and applications highlighting the use of new technologies, methods, and techniques. There is a growing body of research within the economics, marketing, operations management, information systems, and healthcare communities which are starting to address those issues. This minitrack has been attracting a growing number of scholars from all over the world and has already led to four successful Special Issues in the Decision Support Systems journal.

We expect to see applications in:

  • advanced supply chain management systems
  • impact of web 2.0 on competition and cooperation
  • business analytics and big data in supply chain management
  • capacity planning, contracting and global supply chain design
  • crowdsourcing and product innovation
  • information sharing and integration along the supply chain
  • emerging of new models for the “sharing economy”
  • outsourcing service operations
  • social media implications for operations management
  • using mobile applications for order fulfillment
  • using mobile technologies in customers service and support
  • innovations in healthcare IT
  • new technologies for enhanced consumers’ engagement
  • peer-to-peer marketing
  • products’ ranking algorithms, reputation systems and the performance of online markets
  • using web analytics to influence how consumers select products and services
  • sales innovation using real-time location and social data

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Abraham Seidmann (Primary Contact)
University of Rochester

Yabing Jiang
Florida Gulf Coast University

Jie Zhang
University of Texas at Arlington

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