Enterprise Architecture and Business Processes Analysis Minitrack

This minitrack solicits paper submissions that: advance our knowledge of EA; help us learn about effective processes and approaches to effectively manage the EA and the EA development process; and begin to identify ways to measure the organizational benefits derived from EA.

Papers will be solicited in several areas, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Business Architecture description and development
  • Enterprise Business Process analysis
  • Agile Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Architecture process models
  • Architecting Processes, Methodologies and Practices
  • Architectural Frameworks and Theory
  • Tools and Techniques Supporting Architecting
  • Service-Oriented Architectures (including Web Services)
  • Enterprise Information Security Architectures
  • Addressing EA Management, Development, and Communication Challenges
  • Integration of EA with IT Governance
  • Using SOA to Implement an EA
  • Surveys and Case Studies
  • Assessing EA's Contribution to Organizational Success

Business Architecture Description and Development focuses on how to architecturally describe and model the business, its processes and operations. How does the business architecture drive and align the services and technology that the enterprise IT architectures specifies with the business goals, objectives and processes?

Architecting Processes, Methodologies and Practices focuses on how to develop enterprise IT architectures including: Architecture process coordination and collaboration challenges, agile and new methodologies, and case studies of existing methodologies, lessons learned, and descriptions of best practices in EA. Also of interest are papers describing metrics for assessing and evaluating development methodologies, comparisons of methodologies, and the assessment of architecture development teams.

Architectural framework and Theory focuses on methods of description of enterprise architectures. Several frameworks have been published notably the Zachman Framework, the TOGAF and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF). New frameworks, extensions or modifications to existing frameworks, or theoretical results relating to enterprise architectures are of interest. Also of interest are papers describing metrics and quality attributes for assessing the “goodness” of an enterprise architecture and how to assess the return on investment of enterprise architecting.

Tools and Techniques for enterprise architecting are limited. Software architecture tools do not readily scale to enterprise-wide systems. Descriptions of new tools supporting frameworks, description, and methodologies for developing enterprise architectures as well as assessments of existing tools and techniques are of interest. Also of interest are formal methods (such as specification languages) for describing an EA that makes it amenable to logical validation and verification.

Enterprise Information Security: The trend to outsourcing an enterprise’s IT systems support – in whole or in part – has raised significant questions about information security. Software frameworks, such as SOA and virtualization, represent new vulnerabilities that need to be considered. Papers addressing information security as a strategic planning and policy challenge, as a pervasive attribute across EA, and as a specific implementation issue are solicited.

Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) focus on using web-enabled applications to provide services across distributed intranets and the Internet. The SOA model poses some difficult challenges in cost to user, reliability, accessibility, as well as the other -ilities. Papers addressing management and technical issues and challenges as well as successful implementations are also welcome.

EA Challenges: Challenges include modeling, maintaining, managing, and communicating the EA process and its deliverables. Papers are sought that address one or more of these challenges using innovative solutions. Process, performance, and economic metrics are a particularly thorny problem that needs to be addressed. Papers focusing on the integration of one or more software architectures/frameworks, such as SOA and virtualization techniques, into an enterprise architecture are solicited (particularly if they deal with resolution of interframework issues).

Surveys and Case Studies examine enterprise architecture development projects. Of particular interest are descriptions of how transitions from baseline to target architectures have been accomplished and an assessment of the results. Case studies describing EAs that have been implemented following the FEAF or the Zachman model are of special interest, including both process and performance metrics.

EA and Organizational Success: We are interested in papers that provide the conceptual foundations, methods, approaches and empirical studies related to the measurement of the organizational benefits of EA. Our research interviews with numerous participants, EA professionals and stakeholders is providing clear evidence that we know very little about how to evaluate the impact of EA on organizations.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Frank Armour (Primary Contact)
American University
Email: farmour@american.edu

Steve Kaisler
SHK & Associates
Email: Skaisler1@comcast.net

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