Organizational Learning Minitrack

Learning Organizations and Knowledge Organizations need to focus strategically to develop organizational potential. There is a gap between current learning within organizations and their ability to create, acquire, transfer and manage knowledge to remain competitive. The workers within these organizations need to also develop themselves through the acquisition of specialized skills for the work of the future. Effective knowledge management strategies are enhanced through well-directed research in these areas.

Contributions from this minitrack of Organizational Learning may include, but are not limited the following topics:

  • Organizational learning in the areas:
    • Individual, group and organizational learning processes
      • Methods to promote organizational learning
    • Knowledge creation, acquisition, transfer and change
    • Knowledge/Organization adaptation, routines or resistance issues
    • Organizational sense-making
    • Organizational memory or forgetting
    • Promoting a Learning or Knowledge Organizations
      • Innovation, entrepreneurship and technological change
  • Examining Learning and Knowledge Organizations:
    • Ethical and cultural considerations in the management of knowledge
      • Learning and leader behavior in organizations
    • Virtual and global leadership issues in managing knowledge
      • Learning leaders in global organizations
  • Leadership challenges in knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer and knowledge change in organizations
    • With knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer, and knowledge change
  • Examining Knowledge Workers
    • Describing competency and knowledge management development and learning in a learning or knowledge management-based organization

Minitrack Chair:

Julee Hafner

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