Crowd Science Minitrack

IT-mediated Crowds are increasingly be implemented by organizations for multifarious purposes, using multifarious techniques. In this minitrack we seek to coalesce a specific and enduring community of IS and IS-related researchers focused first and foremost on the study of the organizational use of IT-mediated Crowds as a phenomenon.

Our aim is to harness, and thus focus, the currently very broad inter-disciplinary study of IT-mediated Crowds within the IS discipline proper, and to incite a sharing of results, and a cross-pollination of ideas, among researchers currently looking at IT-mediated Crowd implementations from IS, I-School, HCI, Computer Science, Marketing, Education, and Technology Innovation perspectives.

In the purview of this mini-track, IT-mediated Crowd phenomena include:

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Crowd Finance (Crowdfunding & Blockchains)
  • Prediction Markets
  • Citizen Science
  • Open Innovation & Competition platforms
  • Social Media for resource creation
  • Wikis & Wikipedia
  • Big Data from Crowds
  • Participatory Sensing (Crowdsensing)
  • Spatial Crowdsourcing (the Sharing Economy)
  • Situated/Geo-fenced/IoT Crowdsourcing
  • Wearables Crowdsourcing
  • IT-mediated Collective Intelligence

We encourage new empirical and theoretical submissions from social, economic, technical and organizational scholars, investigating these phenomena in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Health Care
  • Institutional and Strategic perspectives
  • Education
  • Governance & Policy
  • Smart Cities & GIS
  • Entrepreneurship
  • User Innovation & Creative Consumers
  • Institutional and Strategic perspectives
  • International Business & Development perspectives

Particular questions/topics of interest include:

  • Human computation, micro-tasking and virtual labour markets
  • Crowdsourced contests, their design and efficacy
  • Gamification in IT-mediated Crowds
  • IT-mediated Crowds and intellectual property
  • IT-mediated Crowds for invention and commercialization
  • Business models of IT-mediated Crowd startups
  • The economics of IT-mediated Crowds
  • The knowledge dynamics of IT-mediated Crowds
  • IT-mediated Crowds and 3D printing
  • Wearables & Sensors in, and as Crowds
  • IT-mediated Crowds and machine learning
  • The role of Bots/AI in IT-mediated Crowds
  • Measuring IT-mediated Crowds and outcomes
  • Formal models and computational models/simulations
  • IT-mediated Crowd platforms
  • IT-mediated Crowds & Common pool resources
  • Varieties of Crowd Capital
  • IT-mediated Crowds and Industry/competitive dynamics
  • CrowdMember/IT/Organization dynamics
  • CrowdLabor movements and labor dynamics
  • Expert, non-expert, and mixed Crowds

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Jan Kietzmann (Primary Contact)
Simon Fraser University, Canada

John Prpić
Lulea University of Technology

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