Wearable Technology and the Internet of Everything Minitrack

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows everyday physical objects to be connected to the Internet so that these are able to identify themselves to other devices and engage in seamless and automatic data exchange. At the same time, embedded and wearable technologies extend people’s roles from being mere users and observers of the Internet, to becoming part of the Internet, creating the Internet of People (IoP). At the intersection of the IoP and IoT, the Internet of Everything (IoE) materializes, bringing together people, processes, data and things (objects) for a new networked world.

Each of these environments – the IoT IoP, and IoE - have dimensionality. For example, the dimensions of the IoP (i.e. wearable technologies) range from fashionability to personalizability. Importantly, these environments are not without risks – namely those regarding privacy, security, big data management innovation management, crowd management, and new business model generation for users, developers/IT firms, organizations and governments.

In this Minitrack, we would invite authors to submit papers that address issues related to the IoE not necessarily limited to the following themes:

  • Analysis and speculation of the IoE environment generally or of the IoT and/or IoP alone
  • Technologies, applications and organizational issues related to the emergence of the IoE and related technologies
  • Opportunities and challenges related to consumer behavior of wearable and embedded technologies
  • Key issues for developers, IT firms and technology vendors

The types of studies that would be welcomed by this Minitrack could include, but would not be limited to, the following:

  • Conceptual models
  • Construct development
  • Architectural frameworks
  • Empirical studies
  • Case studies
  • Prototype development

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Jan Kietzmann (Primary Contact)
Simon Fraser University
Email: jkietzma@sfu.ca

Karen Robson
Simon Fraser University
Email: krobson@sfu.ca

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