Transformation Towards Cloud Computing Minitrack

To survive the multidimensional changes in markets related to frequent evolution of national and international regulations, consumers’ behavior, information and communications technologies (ICT) and the globalization phenomenon, companies have constantly to reinvent themselves. They seek to transform their information systems in order to integrate quickly the technological and sociological mutations such as cloud computing, big data or mobility (Hashem & al. 2015). These frequent changes and their induced reconfigurations are accelerating. In this new era of Internet of Everything (IoE), managers are increasingly aware of the necessity for transformation and rapid innovation.

In this context of disruptive innovations, such organizational transformations involve deep changes of business processes. It is therefore essential for these companies to find transformation models enabling them to lower costs and drive transitions, without hindering their development and degrading their quality of service, the customer satisfaction, or the level of security (Tiers & al 2013). This minitrack welcome research that investigates this transformation by exploring a large number of different companies’ situations. Cloud computing provides the ability to conduct ambitious transformation programs currently hampered by the need to overcome huge investments in Information Systems.

Minitrack Chair:

Mohamed Makhlouf
Kedge Business School

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