The Diffusion, Impacts, Adoption and Usage of ICTs upon Society Minitrack

The aim of this mini-track is to offer a global perspective of how ICTs are being diffused, used and adopted within society including households, organizations, government and social communities. Adoption, usage and diffusion studies are prevalent in Information Systems (IS) research and offer an insight into many issues surrounding ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘what’ technologies are being introduced and their impacts. By undertaking this research academics, industry and government agencies will learn of how ICTs are being utilised by various groups and communities in society and what measures are being undertaken to have households and the various social communities adopt and use the ICTs with a further consideration of the impacts of the ICTs. Case studies, experiments, empirical, applied studies related to ICT use, adoption, impacts and diffusion are emerging on a daily basis.

Therefore, topics and research areas included in this mini-track are, but are not limited to:

  • The adoption and usage of ICTs, broadband, mobile phones and other ICTs within households, communities, or society
  • The use, adoption, impact and diffusion of any classic or innovative ICTs including electronic commerce initiatives, social technologies, or Internet-of-Things within the society
  • Evaluation of the technological and non-technological aspects of the adoption and usage of ICTs
  • Stakeholder theory and the adoption, diffusion and usage of ICTs
  • Human Computer Interaction issues related to the adoption, usage and impact factors in the context of ICTs
  • Economics of the Adoption, Use and Diffusion of ICTs in society and in households
  • Working practices and their association with adoption, use and diffusion within organizations
  • Resistance to change, adoption, use and diffusion within society and organizations
  • Policies and the adoption, diffusion, use of Broadband in societies and households
  • Conceptual studies of how a particular ICT is adopted and used within a specific community
  • Empirical studies of the adoption and impact of ICTs in developing countries

Please note: Best papers from this mini track will be selected for submission to a special issue of the Journal of Information Technology for Development.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Jyoti Choudrie (Primary Contact)
University of Hertfordshire

Sherah Kurnia
The University of Melbourne

Shahper Vodanovich
Auckland University of Technology

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