Social Media and Healthcare Technology Minitrack

Social media is changing the way healthcare organizations, consumers, and practitioners interact. Initially, many healthcare organizations avoided the use of social media, and even restricted their employees from using it. However, increasingly healthcare providers and organizations are realizing that there are opportunities to serve the public, patients and physicians, while also building awareness and enhancing their brand. Consumers are increasingly using social media to research and make health decisions, including selecting a doctor, and researching courses of treatment. Physicians have begun using social media to network professionally with colleagues and to share medical knowledge within the medical community. Clinicians and researchers have also begun using social media to design and implement behavioral interventions for a variety of health conditions.

The objective of this minitrack is provide a venue for researchers to discuss a range of uses of social media to address healthcare including methodological, conceptual, and design issues. Papers will include studies that: (1) evaluate the design, development, and implementation of social media applications; (2) assess the impact of these interventions, including impacts on patients, healthcare providers, organizations, and society in general; and (3) develop theories and models to better understand the mechanisms by which social media produces impacts on healthcare and health behavior.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Beth Bock (Primary Contact)
Brown Medical School

Rochelle Rosen
Brown University School of Public Health

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