Global Health IT Strategies Minitrack

The global advancements in information and communication technologies has provided opportunities to address issues important to global health, such as coordinating responses to emerging diseases, and addressing health issues that have an international interest throughout diverse regions of the world. These technologies assist in disease surveillance and response, global health education, applying traditional telemedicine applications, as well as other applications for all healthcare actors. These efforts are already impacting the rapid growth and further development of global healthcare solutions and approaches arising from the active collaboration among cross-disciplinary researchers, multi-national agencies and international clinical practitioners.

This minitrack covers broad issues related to Global Health IT strategies, such as applying technology to address health issues that have a global impact. Topics include disease surveillance and response, global health education, community health, coordination of healthcare efforts internationally, new forms and modalities of care delivery aided with Health IT globally such as use of innovative low- cost, mobile and sensor-enabled and other emerging health technological applications. These solutions will provide a multinational perspective on the benefits of mobile health and other emerging information technologies and describes different examples and applications implemented.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Joseph Tan (Primary Contact)
McMaster University, Canada

Ofir Turel
California State University Fullerton

Michael S. Dohan
Lakehead University, Canada

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