Learning within Digital and Social Media Minitrack

We solicit papers on how human learning takes place via interactive and social processes enabled or supported by digital and social media. We seek to bridge disciplines and research communities between system and learning sciences, so within this scope a broad range of research questions, learning settings, and theoretical and methodological traditions will be considered. Contributions may include new design approaches, theoretical perspectives, learning analytic techniques, policy implications and/or other research results relating to the relationship between digital and social media and learning. Studies may be situated in formal or informal learning settings, and we particularly encourage studies of learning "in the technological wild".

The shared theme across accepted papers will be on relationships between human learning activities and the technologies used. Topics of particular interest include:

  • how learning takes place in networks, crowds, teams and communities that exist on and through the WWW and digital and social media;
  • how the affordances of technological systems influence or are appropriated for learning via social processes, and how design of affordances can leverage these influences;
  • how learning is (or can be designed to be) distributed and coordinated across multiple digital and social media;
  • learning practices at the nexus of distributed work, socializing, and knowledge sharing;
  • learning analytics in digital and social media: how to understand learning via the traces people leave in social media;
  • new trends in learning and digital and social media, including issues and opportunities relating to information literacy, literacy and new media, ubiquitous learning, viral learning and entrepreneurial learning; and
  • ethical issues relating to learning online, including issues relating to data capture, analysis and display, and learning about controversial subjects or antiĀ­social activities.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Dan Suthers (Primary Contact)
University of Hawaii
Email: suthers@hawaii.edu

Maarten De Laat
Open University of the Netherlands
Email: maarten.delaat@ou.nl

Caroline Haythornthwaite
University of British Columbia
Email: haythorn@interchange.ubc.ca

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