Digital and Social Media in Enterprise Minitrack

Digital and social media (DSM) have transformed the workplace in organizations. Two decades ago, the use of electronic communication technologies--such as emails, messaging, and teleconference systems--promoted effective electronic communications in organizations, changing organizational forms, enabling electronic document management, and preserving organizational memory. Now organizations are experiencing an exponential growth in the use of a new wave of digital media, social media technologies such as blogs, wikis, social networking sites, and microblogging that provide new affordances. While scholars have examined the use of social media technologies for organizational external communications (e.g., with customers and vendors), our understanding of the digital and social use within organizations remains limited. In order for an organization to amplify the returns/benefits and to mitigate the drawbacks of DSM use within the work environment, it is imperative for both researchers and practitioners to focus on the implications of digital and social media use for organizational actions.

This research lies at the intersectionality of multiple disciplines, namely Information Systems, Science & Technology, Organization Science, and Behavioral Science. The Call for Papers welcomes theoretical and empirical studies addressing organizational, managerial, technical, and behavioral perspectives on digital and social media in enterprises. Potential issues and topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and use of corporate digital memory
  • Effects—positive and negative—of digital and social media at workplace
  • Electronic document management afforded by digital and social media use
  • Impact of digitization on the nature of work and on workplace
  • Information security and the use/misuse of digital and social media in enterprise
  • IS/IT support services needed to support enterprise digital and social media
  • Methodologies for studying digital and social media in enterprise
  • New organizational work issues associated with digital and social media use
  • New theories to describe and explain the phenomenon of using digital and social media in workplace
  • Organizational memory in the era of social and digital technologies
  • Persistent and transient digital discourse at workplace
  • Roles and responsibilities of IS departments in the use of and support for digital and social media
  • Work/Job design for a digital platform
  • Work-life balance in workplace enabled by digital and social media

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Xuefei (Nancy) Deng (Primary Contact)
California State University, Dominguez Hills

Yibai Li
The University of Scranton

K. D. Joshi
Washington State University

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