Open Digital Services and Platforms Minitrack

As the available open stack grows, we can see the proliferation of innovative new services on many areas based on for example the opening of the vast data resources collected by authorities and different governmental units, and the increasing availability of new open sensor data (for example, from mobile devices). The innovations in open services can stem from many different sources: traditional R&D, cross-industry initiatives, new entrants that displace incumbents in traditional industries and more andmore from open development processes or crowdsourcing of new ideas from consumers as existing or potential customers.

Until recently, open digital services and platforms has been the domain of computer science and key issues have focused on technical aspects. Now, we are moving into an era of utilizing open data and platforms that are creating novel opportunities and challenges for the creation of new services. This calls for research from various disciplines, including at least information systems science, service science, marketing and computer science to better understand these opportunities and challenges.

We especially encourage submissions of papers describing innovative open services and platforms. The minitrack provides a venue to present findings and, to debate the future of these digital open services and platforms. Relevant topics for this minitrack include (but are not limited to):

  • Novel approaches to development of open data applications
  • Business value of open data services and service systems
  • Aggregation of open and proprietary data
  • Business model destruction/creation caused by open data
  • Applications and models utilizing “quantified self” data
  • Mydata and similar personal data management approaches
  • Location and sensor data based services
  • Open data and service infrastructures
  • Privacy issues related to open data services
  • Blockchain and other open platform technologies
  • Openness in digital service platforms (e.g. sharing economy)

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Juho Lindman (Primary Contact)
Gothenburg University/Chalmers, Sweden

Matti Rossi
Aalto University, Finland

Virpi Tuunainen
Aalto University, Finland

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