Business Intelligence, Analytics and Cognitive: Case Studies and Applications (COGS) Minitrack

The purpose of this minitrack is to invite case studies of both successful and unsuccessful, but informative, applications of business intelligence, data analytics, cognitive systems, & data, analytics & cognitive-enabled smart services across industries and societies. Business intelligence and data analytics have continued to make substantial inroads in the operational, managerial and strategic corporate decision-making processes. Recently, the emergence of cognitive computing systems that augment the creativity and productivity of people, and which are trained using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to predict, infer and, up to some extent augment cognitive capabilities, has also extended the range of business intelligence and data analytics solutions on the market.

Multiple methods are encouraged. For example, instead of using an extensive statistical survey, case study, action research or design science may use qualitative methods to describe individual or organizational change. We are looking for reports that improve our understanding of how BI, Analytics, Cognitive technologies and Smart Services are currently used across industries and societies.

We encourage papers that report on lessons learned, on topics which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • BI, Data Analytics & Cognitive: How to improve corporate data literacy
  • Data to Insight and Wisdom: Do universities make the grade?
  • The emergence of the Chief Analytics Officer and marketplace for specialists
  • The emergence of the Chief Digital Officer and marketplace for specialists
  • The diffusion stages of these information systems and competitive advantages
  • ROI of these information systems (BI, Analytics, Cognitive, Smart Services)
  • David vs. Goliath: SME and MNC using BI, Analytics, and Cognitive
  • “Big science” and “citizen science” applications of BI, Analytics, Cognitive and Smart Services
  • Opportunities and challenges of self-service, collaborative and mobile BI
  • Next generation of cognitive computing applications in business & education
  • Addressing grand challenges with intelligence, analytics, smart services, and cognitive assistants and mediators
  • Digital transformation with smart services and cognitive assistants

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Sergey Belov (Primary Contact)
IBM East Europe/Asia

James C. Spohrer
IBM Almaden Research Center

Haluk Demirkan
University of Washington – Tacoma

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