Processes and Technologies for Small and Large Team Collaboration Minitrack

The "Processes and technologies for small and large team collaboration" minitrack focuses on:

  • Theoretical foundations and design methodologies for collaborative work practices and technologies
  • Processes and tools for establishing and maintaining shared focus and shared mental models over time
  • Processes, technologies, and theoretical breakthroughs to improve and speed up shared sense-making
  • Process and technologies for rapid, collaborative decision-making during crisis
  • Methods and technologies for eliciting and capturing tacit knowledge from experts (i.e., externalization) and sharing/incorporating that knowledge into collaborative efforts (i.e., team internalization)
  • Human collaboration with artificial agents and the evaluation of computer systems as team members, including agent-based support for individual decision makers
  • Automation of collaborative processes and agent-based support for group facilitation
  • Facilitation methods, techniques, patterns, and procedures to improve (a)synchronous collaboration between co-located and distributed people, teams, or groups
  • Assessment models and methods for team collaboration and performance
  • Design, codification and reuse of work practices and pattern languages for group collaboration

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Douglas C. Derrick (Primary Contact)
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Joel H. Helquist
Utah Valley University

Christopher B. R. Diller
University of Arizona Eller

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