Emerging Issues in Distributed Group Decision-Making: Opportunities and Challenges Minitrack

The minitrack will address emerging issue such as diversity, culture, adaptability and agility related to teams in distributed group decision making, as well as the underlying theories of group dynamics, coordination, communications and decision-making in distributed environments, in creation of competitive advantage.

Since team configuration and performance includes many different areas, we expect contributions from researchers beyond information system discipline.

Examples of topics in the discussion of globally distributed decision making mini-track will include the following (but are not limited to):

  • Disaster management
  • Swift team collaboration
  • Sub groups impact on team collaboration
  • Big data collaboration
  • E-government(s) inter-, intra-collaboration
  • Collaboration through crowdsourcing
  • Emergency disaster planning through collaboration
  • Collaboration in the cloud
  • Public-private collaboration
  • Delivering health services through collaboration
  • Economics of distributed decision making in the clouds
  • Trust and distrust as motivator in distributed decision making
  • Can agile teams be globally distributed?
  • Agile/Adaptable team configuration in globally distributed teams
  • The "e (internet)" to "m (mobile)" transformation of globally distributed teams
  • Communication and coordination in globally distributed teams
  • Diversity issues in globally distributed teams
  • Customer satisfaction, performance and "trust" building in globally distributed teams
  • Synchronous and asynchronous decision making in globally distributed teams
  • Comparison of issues across internal, inter-, intra- and offshore distributed teams
  • Turbulent economy and its impact on outsourcing
  • Models of globally distributed agile/adaptable teams
  • Knowledge creation, transfer and integration across globally distributed teams
  • Leadership/cohesiveness issues in globally distributed teams
  • Issues related to functional and dysfunctional globally distributed teams
  • Security, privacy and risk associated with globally distributed teams
  • Case Studies (success/failures) related to decision making by globally distributed teams

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

A. K. Aggarwal (Primary Contact)
University of Baltimore
Email: aaggarwal@ubalt.edu

Doug Vogel
Harbin Institute of Technology, PRC
Email: isdoug@hit.edu.cn

Yuko Murayama
Tsuda College, Japan
Email: murayama@tsuda.ac.jp

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