Cross-Organizational and Cross- Border IS/IT Collaboration Minitrack

Integration of people, systems, processes, and infrastructure across organizations, borders, and world regions enables productive teamwork towards achieving mutual goals. Collaborators are motivated to enter into collaborative projects and interactions, which lead to satisfaction and performance. Quality in collaboration is fostered by perception of value, trust, and commitment among participants and stakeholders. With progressing globalization, many of these collaborations are conducted across widely dispersed organizations and national borders. Cross-system integration and collaboration technologies play crucial roles and often decide about investment success or failure. Growth in electronic and virtual collaboration can be facilitated by organizations seeking to gain competitive advantage by lowering costs, increasing knowledge, and reaching new customers. Perceived value serves as a stimulus for further growth.

Possible contributions regarding the cross-organizational and cross border collaboration may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Processes of international/global IS/IT collaboration
  • Effects of collaboration on IS/IT performance
  • Success factors of collaboration technologies
  • Inter-organizational collaboration
  • Social collaboration using social network technologies / social media
  • Conceptual frameworks of IS/IT collaboration across organizations and borders
  • Motivating factors for IS/IT collaboration
  • External pressures and environmental factors influences collaboration
  • Process and task structures for accomplishing quality collaborations
  • Methodologies for studies of IS/IT collaboration
  • IS/IT collaboration instrument development and validation
  • IS/IT collaboration studies at the country, industry, firm, project, team or individual level
  • Comparative cross-country research on IT/IS collaboration
  • Country-specific and organization-specific case studies on IT/IS collaboration
  • Managing IS/IT outsourcing and nearshoring/offshoring relationships
  • Outtasking and crowdsourcing in IT/IS contexts
  • Value of investments in IS/IT collaboration
  • Cross-organizational and international IS/IT project management
  • Multinational teams and their cultural and leadership factors
  • Cross-border and cross-organizational value chains and value networks
  • Open collaboration through the Web

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Ilsang Ko (Primary Contact)
Chonnam National University, Korea

Daniel Beimborn
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany

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