Creativity in Teams and Organizations Minitrack

We seek papers to improve creativity and innovation through all phases of problem-solving: Understanding a problem, devising potential solutions, evaluating alternatives, making choices, making plans, taking action, and after-action review. We seek papers addressing creativity in all patterns of collaboration: Generating ideas, converging on those deemed worthy of more attention, organizing ideas, evaluating ideas, and building consensus. We also seek papers that suggest improvements for realizing creative ideas in the workforce as innovations, for an organization cannot benefit from its creativity until its ideas are implemented.

Thus, the "Creativity in Teams and Organizations" minitrack focuses on:

  • Methods & techniques to improve creativity in co-located and distributed groups
  • Creativity in crowds and through social media
  • Systems and Technology for Enhancing Creativity
  • Challenges and opportunities for creativity in teams
  • Theoretical foundations for creativity at individual, group and organizational levels
  • Practical approaches to foster creativity at individual, group and organizational levels
  • The creation and implementation of innovations in organizations
  • Factors affecting creativity in teams and organizations
  • Building team-based organizations
  • Creativity and innovation concepts, theories, and practices for product or service development

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Gert-Jan de Vreede (Primary Contact)
University of South Florida

Triparna de Vreede
University of South Florida

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