Impacts of Stress, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention on Continued Usage: Evidence from Physicians Transitioning to a New Drug Management System

El Halabieh, Rola
Beaudry, Anne
Tamblyn, Robyn
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A survey of physicians taking part in a pilot study involving the transition from an e-prescribing system to a new integrated drug management system was conducted. Data about physicians’ level of stress induced by the system transition, satisfaction with the new system, and intention to continue to use the system, were collected as well as system usage logs before, during, and after the transition. Results indicate that physicians experiencing higher level of stress used the new system less during the transition as well as during the two months post-transition than their counterparts who reported lower level of stress. Although satisfaction with the new system was positively related to physicians’ intention to use, it was not significantly related to actual usage. A discussion of our results and their implications for research and practice concludes the paper.
Behavioral Intention, Continued Use, Physicians, Satisfaction, Stress
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