Introduction to human ecology research on agricultural systems in Southeast Asia

Contents: Introduction: human ecology research on tropical agriculture in Southeast Asia / A. Terry Rambo, Percy E. Sajise -- What is an agroecosystem and why is it worthy of study? / Gordon R. Conway -- Human ecology research by social scientists on tropical agroecosystems / A. Terry Rambo -- The tropical rain forest as an ecosystem / Gerry G. Marten -- Ecology and evolution of agriculture in Southeast Asia / Karl L. Hutterer -- Population ecology / Gerald G. Marten -- Human populations and agroecosystems / Peter Pirie -- Plant succession and agroecosystem management / Percy E. Sajise -- No free lunch: a reexamination of the energetic efficiency of swidden agriculture / A. Terry Rambo -- Tropical soils and agriculture / Santibhab Panchaban -- Soil resources inventory for land-use planning / Benjamin J. Bartolome -- Information flow in the functioning of tropical ecosystems / A. Terry Rambo -- Cultural beliefs and management of agroecosystems / George W. Lovelace -- Externalities in agriculture / Laxmi Worachal -- Orang Asli interactions with the Malaysian tropical rain forest ecosystem / A. Terry Rambo -- The Javanese rural ecosystem / Otto Soemarwoto, Idjah Soemarwoto -- Medical-geographic aspects of agroecosystems: endemic goiter in central Java / Barbara A. Chapman -- The agroecological niche and farmer selection of rice varieties in the Chiang Mai valley, Thailand / Benjavan Rerkasem, Kanok Rerkasem -- Strategies for transdisciplinary research on ecosystem management: the case of the UPLB upland hydroecology program / Percy E. Sajise.
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