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Item Summary 2016-05-19T20:42:51Z 2016-05-19T20:42:51Z 1993-01-01
dc.description Contains three tracks digitized from two cassette tapes. These recordings are most likely from the Hagahai tribe in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, but this is not confirmed. No names of performers or recorders are provided. KMF-020-1 is Side A of a cassette tape labeled "Bushfire - Traditional aboriginal music". KMF-020-2 is from Side B of the same tape. The label on the tape says: Niba & Gabaun x3; Woijehe, Niba, & Gabaun x5; Horowai sing-sing, Niba, Gabaun Bebena, Unabai, Wabulubu; Niba, Gabaun x3; Hagahai sing-sing, (Gwale)-Wabulubu; Niba, Gabaun, Niba, Gabaun x4; Meri sing-sing, Chiboria x3, Nanguman, Chibo x2, Maora x4; Tandem Gwale, Yenaji, Gabaun, Togi vs. Niba, Unaba, Woijehe. File KMF-020-3 is from a second tape with a label that says: Pina-we @ Sabu's pig kill; Gabaun & Wabulubu do Horowai songs. Altogether, the files are all music with multiple singers, possibly recorded over several sessions. Good-quality recording in general but with some scattered distortion, possibly because the tapes may have been used repeatedly for recording.
dc.format Digital WAV file recorded in mono at 96,000Hz/24 bit. Digitized from a GoldStar 90-minute cassette tape
dc.format.extent 01:25:41
dc.title KMF-020
dc.type Sound
dc.type.dcmi Sound
dc.subject.languagecode pnn
dc.subject.language Pinai-Hagahai
dc.content.language Pinai-Hagahai
dc.content.languagecode pnn
dc.description.region Papua New Guinea
dc.contributor.depositor Shelby, Ryan
dc.coverage.iso3166 PG
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