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DB2-004-A.wav 1.64 GB WAV View/Open
DB2-004-B.wav 1.58 GB WAV View/Open

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dc.description Label says Creole 5. Tape contains two tracks: 1 (file name DB2-004-A) and 2 (file name DB2-004-B). Together the tracks contain interviews from multiple sessions with various subjects about a range of topics: The researcher explains to several people that he is from the University of Guyana and looking to record stories from the old times before they are forgotten. Multiple speakers, but no names given. At least two unnamed co-interviewers as well. Topics include directions to Mainstay Lake, the flora of the lake, road conditions, family, race, politics, and more. Tape is generally of very good quality, but there is some sporadic distortion, tape-skipping sounds, and noise from jostling the microphone. Intermittent background noise from wind, children, and the like on DB2-004-A. Much of DB2-004 sounds like it was recorded in a bar, with people drinking, background conversation, and overlapping speech. Tape was digitized at a sample rate of 192,000Hz, but then had to be re-sampled to 172,800Hz to achieve the proper playback speed. Oringially recorded on a 5 3/4" reel but the plastic broke, so the tape was transferred to a 7" reel.
dc.format Sony PR-150 reel-to-reel
dc.format.extent 01:45:56
dc.language.iso gyn
dc.title DB2-004
dc.type Sound
dc.type.dcmi Sound
dc.subject.languagecode gyn
dc.subject.language Guyanese Creole
dc.type.linguistictype primary_text 1968-07-25 1968-08-06
dc.content.language English
dc.content.language Guyanese Creole
dc.content.languagecode eng
dc.content.languagecode gyn
dc.description.region Guyana, South America; recordings made near the Essequibo River and Mainstay Lake, possibly in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara region of Guyana
dc.contributor.depositor Bickerton, Derek
dc.coverage.iso3166 GY
Appears in Collections: Bickerton Collection - Guyanese and San Andrés-Providencia Creole

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