Developing and Evaluating a Personal Task Analysis App – A Usability Study

The amazing explosion of technology and innovation that has catapulted societies all over the world from the late 20th century into the 21st century brought in an advent of changes. It is often suggested that recent technology has condensed many day-to-day tasks that would normally take much longer. However, do people have more time on their hands, or less? The purpose of this usability project was to develop and evaluate the ease of use for a gamified app of a personal task analysis from an activity in a graduate course used at a university on the island of O`ahu. Development of the app was done with the platform, and gamification as an approach was also considered in the overall development. The usability study was conducted with six participants aged 20-60, who had previous experience with the personal task analysis activity in the graduate program. The study was divided into two rounds, with two iterations each. And pre and post survey was sent to participants to solicit more information. Audio recording data was analyzed together with screen capture data to evaluate app usability. Qualitative data suggested that the second iteration was less confusing and more positive in contrast to the first iteration in terms of navigability and visual aesthetic. It is hoped that future iterations of the app continue to improve its function, and usability.
This usability study was designed with digitizing an in-class activity in mind. The paper details the design, methodology, results, and discussion of the study itself. The entire process itself was also presented at an e-conference on April 21st of 2016. The powerpoint that was prepared for the conference can also be found in this work.
personal task analysis, gamification, app development, usability study, learning design and technology
Ng, Y.L.E. (2016, April 21). Developing and Evaluating a Personal Task Analysis App. PowerPoint presented at 22nd Annual Technology, Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference.
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