Kipahulu Valley research plan

Smith, Clifford W.
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Cooperative National Park Resources Studies Unit, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Botany
This proposal of research alternatives is written in response to the Haleakala National Park Natural Resources Project Statement, HALE-N-8. The purpose of the project is to “develop acceptable methods for studying Kipahulu Valley which take into consideration the valley" fragile nature, and secondly, to determine changes that may have occurred since the 1967 discoveries. "This report involves defining" objectives and guidelines which will permit further research to be conducted in Kipahulu Valley by Service—sponsored researchers [in a manner] that will safeguard the endemic flora and fauna from all undesirable outside influences." NPS management of Kipahulu Valley, as discussed in the Park's Draft Statement for Management, indicates that this area is to be managed as a permanent scientific research reserve of international significance and that it is to be isolated and carefully restricted to insure the perpetuation of its natural ecological state. However, because of past and present human activity in the Hawaiian Islands, various negative influences are becoming evident in the valley. The Park's Resource Managers need hard baseline information on the area's ecosystems and some form of resource assessment procedure so that timely actions can be taken to control and reduce degradation of the resources. This information would be most suitably provided by scientists working closely with Park Management. In carrying out this type of field research there is potential for causing additional impacts upon the fragile resources. To evaluate the relationship between scientific information to be gathered and environmental impacts which may result from research activities, four alternative approaches are presented for consideration. These are supplemented by draft guide lines for authorizing entry into Kipahulu Valley and other sensitive are as within Haleakala National Park.
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Kipahulu Valley
Smith CW. 1978. Kipahulu Valley research plan. Honolulu (HI): Cooperative National Park Resources Studies Unit, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Botany. PCSU Technical Report, 22.
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