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Contributors:Lewe (speaker)
Danerek, H. Stefan (recorder)
Danerek, H. Stefan (researcher)
Danerek, H. Stefan (depositor)
Ratu, Hilarius (consultant)
Date Issued:09 Dec 2014
Description:Genre: Fairy tale. Title: Mawarani. Lewe, kampong Cawalo, tells the tale about the Mawarani gold, how it came into possession of the Cawalo. Mawarani was a strange creature from outer space perhaps, or God knows. Anyhow he stole tuak (lontar juice) from a tree in Cawalo each night. One night he was finally caught by the owner, who got Mawarani's gold in exchange for his freedom. The tale is told in shorter versions around Palu'e, but without the Mawarani and its gold. In those tales it is just the evening star, Tala (or is it a man, Tala is a male name too) stealing tuak ('tobe dua'). Recorded by SD in Mr. Lewe's home in kampong Cawalo, morning 9 Dec 2014, with only the two of us present by the table, and a couple of newborn dogs wandering around. His wife cooked us rice. Mawarani, the name of the character/creature, in the tale is also the name of the gold that he gave Soru as ransom after he was caught stealing Soru's lontar juice (tuak). A pair of earrings of the Mawarani gold is still kept with the priest-leader (lakimosa Pio) family mentioned in the story. See photo! Recorded with H4N Zoom with AT2020 microphone 9 Dec 2014 late in the morning/early day. Lewe is a farmer and knowledgable about plants. He also taught 'maro ngi'i' (local dentistry) to Warsoni Meti. His children are already grown up, and he is, I think, a grandfather. The first Cawalo person I recorded!
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