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Contributors:Nandene, Lengu (speaker)
Danerek, H. Stefan (recorder)
Danerek, H. Stefan (researcher)
Danerek, H. Stefan (depositor)
Ratu, Hilarius (consultant)
Date Issued:22 Dec 2014
Description:Genre: Fairy tale. Title: Kondi, Mbakora no'o Mbu Ridhi. Lengu Nandene, kampong Mata Mere, tells Kondi, Mbakora no'o Mbu Ridhi. It is a triangular drama where Mbakora wants to be first wife. It is along and fun story. Mbakora eats the things Kondi (the husband) has bought for the house, so that she will look pregnant. Then she accuses Mbu Ridhi for having disposed of the things. Then Mbu Ridhi has a child who is crying for a toy (kodi, BI. gasing) all the time, until he gets it. And on and on. Order is restored in the end. Almost the same tale is told by Toji, with the title Nusa Taleno'o Mbu Ritu. One day Methi remembered Lengu Nande, a great grandmother next door, near 100 years of age (born c. 1916), who had once been able to tell tales and was known to be skilled in togo (tandak), dance with lyrics, with her husband. Methi brought her over, and asked her, which was difficult because Lengu is almost deaf. It turned out that she remembered stories very well, surprisingly fluent, and she seemed to enjoy telling tales. So we decided to try recording the next day. That way she had time to remember during the night we thought. Lengu had learned from X Ngajine. Recorded by SD 22 December 2014 in the house of Bapak Wilhelminus dan Ibu Yulia, kampong Mata Mere. With Maria Methi, who helped to arrange the recording; washed and clothed grandmother Lengu in the early morning. I brought sirih pinang, a requirement, and a small bottle of arak, knowing that Bapak Wora and others would be there as well in the morning. Lengu told the tales like pressing the button on a tape player, excellent. I set the record level quite high, a little too high, thinking it would be advantageous in this case (because of her age, physical condition (understand she has no teeth anymore). Lengu must have seen television and has seen handphones (but not used because there is no signal on the hills), yet she was perplexed over the recorder: "What is it? Will my voice be out there? And you will bring it to your country?" Wora and Methi's young brother Mboe Erixon sat through most of the session. There was a flock of children outside of the bamboo plated wall and two windows, covered with a piece of cloth, peeking in, disturbing a little bit. There are plenty of recordings of lengu, from four sessions. This tale is from the first. Almost all the recordings will be deposited: the Lengu Nandene collection. See photos in SD1-044 to SD1-050, and in SD1-025 to SD1-028.
Appears in Collections: Stefan Danerek Collection - Palu'e Audio

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