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Contributors:Sinde Pima, Aloysius (speaker)
Danerek, H. Stefan (recorder)
Danerek, H. Stefan (researcher)
Danerek, H. Stefan (depositor)
Ratu, Hilarius (consultant)
Date Issued:03 Jul 2014
Description:Genre: Legend. Title: Ngange Kabe (Cawa Lai). The legend Ngange Kabe narrated by Bapak (Mr) Aloysius Sinde Pima, (then) village chief and skilled in oral traditions, kampong Lidi, 3 July 2014, in the early evening and inside the village office (kantor desa). Ngange Kabe lived for about ten generations ago and was from the kampong Nara, Keli domain. He is remembered because he had extraordinary and hereditary supernatural abilities, such as clairvoyance and being able to freeze ships (or ar least the ship in this story) at sea. It is also a story of thievery; Ngange kabe and Ngasu Legane travel to mainland Flores to steal a large ivory tusk from a woman. Because Ngasu gets it before Ngange, Ngange is ashamed to return home empty handied. So he stays near the beach on Palu'e, while Ngasu walks back to Nara alone, and later freezes (by way of reading mantra and waving, 'kabe') Bugis boat at sea, paddles out and plunder their goods. After that he foretells that he will fall into a canyon and almost die, and that occurs. He is cured by the healer Ndasa Pisane, who becomes his wife. Ndasa gets mysteriously pregnant with a special child, a lizard baby, while Ngange is away. The baby, named Cawa Lai, will be a great man with extraordinary abilities, but is accindentally killed by a man from another village. We were just the two of us (with SD) present, sitting by a desk, "Alo" with his back facing the wall and I in front listening. The recording atmosphere was conducive; still, as quiet as it can be on Palu'e (unusual), little sound from the wind and a few animals that I tried to reduce by lowering the recording level. The narratorspeaks rather quiet and sometimes his voice level was lower than optimal. But in this way distortion was almost eliminated and Aloysius' intonation is excellent. That I (SD)was the only listener dind not affect the narrator in any adverse way seemingly, although the story is long, 30 min, and Aloysius also told another tale of about 12 min length. The recording was done directly with the with H4N because I was then, when I had recently began recording, not satisfied with my external mics (later I used the excellent AT2020). Mr Aloysius had as a youth an interest in Palu'e oral traditions and often visited an elder, Ngange, in kampong Nara, who was acknowledged for his knowledge and ability in this field. Aloysius memorized the tales. The eaf file has both transcription and translation in Indonesian, and one (Keterangan bahasa) tier with notes on language, and one tier (Explanatory) with metadata. This is how the ELAN-files are arranged in the collection. The picture is of the narrator, shot before noontime the same day, when we were sitting in a group and chatting on that hill overlooking the sea.
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