Instructor interview for Place-Based WAC/WID writing instruction in Nursing, clip 2 of 12

Place-based WAC/WID Hui
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Brief excerpt from interview: [It's just shifting the focus of how the different cultures interact with those topics [i.e., homelessness, elderly care, violence] and make a difference and influence the choices that people from different cultures make with those areas of their lives . . . incorporating the place-based perspectives and just shifting the topics is what . . . we're doing for most of the modules.
This item includes a segment of an instructor interview in a Writing Intensive course in Nursing at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. The interview was conducted in 2013, and in this clip the interviewee is responding to the question 'What motivated you to design writing assignments with a place-based component?'
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Mahelona, Mary. 'Instructor interview for Place-Based WAC/WID writing instruction in Nursing, clip 2 of 12.' Interview with Jim Henry and Dawne Bost. Scholarspace. Sep. 2015. Web.
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