Fertilizer raw material resources, needs and commerce in Asia and the Pacific : proceedings of the Fertilizer Flows Conference, August 27-31, 1979, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Honolulu, HI: East-West Resource Systems Institute, East-West Center
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CONTENTS: Opening address: Problems and opportunities in meeting food needs in the year 2000 and beyond / Ralph W. Cummings -- Dynamics of development of fertilizer mineral resources / Richard P. Sheldon -- Phosphate rock deposits and potential of Asia and Australia, a summary report of panel discussions -- Phosphate rock deposits and potential of Oceania, a summary report of panel discussions -- Nitrogen fertilizer raw material deposits and potential of Asia and the Pacific, a summary report of panel discussions -- Conventional fertilizer manufacture: problems and trends / Jumpei Ando -- Non-conventional manufacture of chemical fertilizers: small-scale fertilizer production technology / Richard W. Treharne, Donald R. Moles, Mitchell R.M. Bruce, Charlton K. McKibben -- Future energy sources for fertilizer manufacture, a panel presentation on global energy sources for fertilizer manufacture / Toufiq Siddiqi, Kirk Smith, Jumpei Ando -- Chemical fertilizers: their applications, effectiveness, and limitations / Masao Hamamoto -- Use of organic fertilizers in the tropics and subtropics / Char-fen Lin -- The effect of intensive use of chemical fertilizers on soil fertility in comparison with the use of organic manure / Yoshio Yamada -- Environmental problems of intensive fertilizer use / Ronald G. Menzel -- Human nutrition and fertilizer needs in Asia and the Pacific / Yueh-Heng Yang -- Fertilizer requirements for some major field crops under irrigated agriculture of arid and semi-arid regions / M.R. Hamissa -- Effect of form and rate of nitrogen fertilizer on yield and nitrogen content of paddy rice under subtropical conditions / Tzo-chuan Juang -- Effectiveness of fertilizer use: an assessment of the grain:fertilizer ratio / Saleem Ahmed, Nazir Ahmad, Kazi S. Memon, Yoshio Yamada -- Assessment of arable lands / Marion F. Baumgardner -- Estimating global fertilizer requirements: some tentative results / Robert L. Fox, R.S. Yost -- Soils and future fertilizer needs / Goro Uehara -- Calculating the potential annual global fertilizer requirement using the recommended rate method: some tentative results / Saleem Ahmed, Nazir Ahmad -- Fertilizer scene in India: 2000 A.D. / N.M. Vachhrajani -- Pakistan: projected fertilizer demand to the year 2000 /Ahmed M. Shah -- Increasing effectiveness of fertilizer use: report of the adaptive production systems workshop / Filomena Campos, Herath P.M. Gunasena, M.R. Hamissa -- Farmer decision-making in technology adoption: fertilizers / Mohammad Ashraf, Tamrong Chomaitong, Saleem Ahmed -- Fertilizer supply to 2000 in reference to the Asia and Pacific region / Fernando C. Angulo -- Emerging fertilizer production capacities / Sylvester R. Panfil -- Fertilizer supply and demand: trends and cycles to the year 2000: the India context / B.L. Narayana -- Fertilizer trade patterns and trends with special reference to Asia and the West Pacific / Donald W. Fryer -- Comparative analysis of fertilizer marketing systems in South Asia: workshop report / Tikiri Subasinghe -- Fertilizer marketing in Asian countries, with emphasis on village level operations / Chong Yeong Lee -- Recommendations of the Fertilizer Flows Conference, summarized by / Richard P. Sheldon, Saleem Ahmed.
ix, 406 p.
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