Student: Zachary Parlee

Writing Assignment Used for This Interview

The City and County Planning Director, Henry Chen, wants to gather information about Moʻiliʻili. You have been selected as the local planning consultant to prepare a memorandum for him. To prepare the memo, take a map of the Moʻiliʻili area with you and walk around the neighborhood. You can also carry a camera/voice recorder to record your observations on the neighborhood or simply annotate the map. Think about the following questions as you walk around: Where does Moʻiliʻili begin? Where does it end? How do you know? Who were the people you saw in Moʻiliʻili--students, seniors, others? What did you observe about the interactions among cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists? How would you describe the environment--natural, built, social? What would you recommend to make improvements?

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