Student: Andrea Kelley

Writing Assignment Used for This Interview

Develop a final research paper around any urban planning topic. The topic chosen should be related to any of the themes discussed in class but should explore these themes beyond what is covered in the assigned readings or in class. You could focus on i) a city or region facing a specific urban planning challenge and responses to the same or ii) a significant urban planning issue that piques your interest. This assignment is designed to help you develop and refine your research, writing, and analytical skills as well as your presentation skills. You will be spending considerable time conducting research on the topic city that you pick, so do give it some thought before deciding. Your topic should be one that you can research and analyze with in the given time frame.A list of possible topics will be provided in class. However, you can also suggest a topic that is not included in the list (instructor approval required). Your research will form the basis for your final research paper and in-class oral presentation. You will do the final paper in three stages: i) topic and summary (2 points); ii) outline and bibliography (3 points); iii) final paper (15 points). The maximum length of the paper is 15 pages double-spaced and the minimum is 12 pages double-spaced, not including maps, photographs, and other illustrations. Handouts will be provided to you in class as you work on the final paper.

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