Student: Allison Fujimoto

Writing Assignment Used for This Interview

For these assignments, you will be asked to read or view the assigned course materials (organized by week in the resources folder in Laulima) and write an essay up to one page long. Doing this will help you remember the key points covered in the readings, and will help me to assess your understanding of the materials.

Additionally, I will distribute discussion questions one week before each journal is due (4 journals total). You will be asked to answer the discussion questions in a 2-3 page essay. Please include your discussion essay at the beginning of each of your 4 submitted journals.

I will grade your weekly reading journal entries as well as your answers to the discussion questions using two criteria: 1) how well you captured the essential points of the course materials; and 2) how clearly you expressed yourself.

Be very sure that all direct quotations are properly indicated, using any standard system of bibliographic citations. Below is the essay format for your weekly reading journal entries

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