Student: Elizabeth Jimenez

Writing Assignment Used for This Interview

Field Report Guide

This is an in-depth analysis of the field experience which should be carefully prepared, well written and organized and use correct English. The report must be typewritten and double-spaced, have numbered pages and should include the following:

1. Cover sheet

  1. Student’s full name
  2. Student’s current address and telephone number
  3. Course number
  4. Field site
  5. Name of supervisor, full address, email and telephone number
2. Introduction to your future plans and how this experience relates to them.

3. A general description of the firm/establishment

  1. Physical facilities
  2. Goals, philosophy
  3. Financial support, budget, major sources of income, major expenses (income and expenses can be reported as percent of total)
  4. Clientele/customers served
  5. Services rendered/products
4. General description of personnel
  1. Brief history of supervisor
  2. Entry level requirements, opportunities for advancement
  3. Description of staff positions

5. Review your learning plan, and:

  1. Summarize your learning objectives, describing activities and other responsibilities performed to meet these objectives.
  2. Assess the degree to which you achieved your goals and objectives.
  3. Discuss how the experience you had helped or hindered achievement of your learning objectives. Include examples of some of the most rewarding experiences you had, as well as some of the frustrations you encountered, and a discussion of how you handled them.
  4. Discuss whether the goals and objectives you set for yourself were realistic and challenging.
  5. Discuss any unanticipated learning.

6. Discuss the personal value derived from the work experience, and relate this to future career plans. Summarize the most important things you have learned about yourself during this work experience.

7. Evaluate the preparation provided to you in the department curriculum for the type of work you did in your field experience or plan to do in the future. Discuss how you integrated your academic training into the performance of your work site responsibilities. Include suggestions for changes in the curriculum and a rationale for such changes.

8. Would this work experience be valuable to other students in this department? Why or why not?

9. Conclusion. Describe progress towards your future profession and next steps.

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